Paia Maui Northshore Vacation Rentals


Haiku Maui vacation rental

Haiku Maui vacation rental

When traveling to Maui many travelers prefer the country life in Haiku Maui.  Pineapple Cottage vacation rental in Haiku Maui is a sweet getaway.  We are headed into June season with beautiful weather.  Memorial weekend offered still winds, and playful surf all over the island.  This time of year people that love to get out in the ocean change water sports.  There is the serious crew of downwinders that are waiting for the trade winds to blow so that they can launch from Maliko Bay for a coast run to Kanaha Beach by Maui’s airport in Kahului.   I usually end up doing a few runs over the summer on Maui’s Northshore, but I like to mix it up.

maui vacation rentals

Maui vacation rentals

On Maui’s northshore we have a vacation rental, Pinepple Cottage that is a perfect getway from the crowds.  Our B&B is a two bedroom cottage standing on 2.5 acres, very peaceful and private.  We are close to northshore beaches and places like Haiku town for shopping and great places to eat.  June is here and Maui is a giant playground.

in the summer on Maui the south shore comes alive.  Maui’s summer beaches bring out families and friends hanging out on the beach, trucks loaded with surfboards, tents, coolers and sunscreen.  I like to mix my summer surfing up with longboards, short boards and standup boards, so the truck is loaded down.  My wife has taken up standup board surfing, she loves playing in the surf on small days.

Paia Maui Vacation Rentals

Paia Maui Vacation Rentals



















Summer time also brings in windsurfers from all over the world.  I have taken up windsurfing over the last five years and really enjoy it.  I been a surfer all my life, and I use to sail cats, so a transition to windsurfing was very natural for me. 

Cafe des amis

Paia Maui Café Des Amis

Paia Maui is the center of surf and windsurfing world.  Paia is a gathering place with great places to eat and finish off the day with your friends. Summer time I usually windsurf at Kanaha Beach on Maui’s Northshore.  It’s always nice meeting old faces that return to Maui every year to windsurf on Maui’s Northshore.  Kitesurfing is also very big on Maui.  You can take lessons to windsurf and kitesurf at many of Maui’s surf centers like Hi-Tech Maui and Action Sports in Kahului.

Maui vacation rentals

Northshore Maui Vacation Rentals

Haiku is a very special place to many people that call it home, and to the traveler looking for a lifestyle experience other than condo or hotel has to offer.  Many people staying at our Maui vacation rental in the Pineapple Cottage find it to be an easy hour and half drive to Hana for the day.  A drive up country to Makawao Town is just 10 minutes away, make sure you try Kokoda’s famous donuts, or visit Polis Mexican Restaurant, food is excellent and they always have videos of Jaws, or windsurfing on Maui’s Northshore.  In fact, the owner Tim is always down at Kanaha windsurfing in the afternoon.

Haiku Maui Vacation Rentals

Haiku Maui vacation Rentals

So if Maui might be your island destination for this summer, keep in mind our vacation rental on Maui’s Northshore, very cozy two-bedroom cottage on two acres.  Pineapple Cottage is loved by our guest for a quiet, peaceful getaway, stream running in the gulch, tropical flowers and fruit trees.  Very different experience than condo living in Kihei.  Pineapple Cottage is situated in an ideal location in Haiku, minutes away from Haiku town, and 15 minutes to Paia Town.  Hookipa and Baldwin Beach are close by for windsurfing and surfing, or just a morning walk on the beach. For more information on Pineapple cottage Haiku Maui check out our website.

Pineapple cottage vacation rental

Pineapple Cottage Vacation Rental

While many people are retired on Maui, I do have a job.  I sell real estate on Maui, been selling real estate for 21 years on Maui’s Northshore, to resort properties in Wailea Maui.  So if you have any question about buying or selling real estate on Maui give me a call.


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Maui Realtor

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