Windsurfing Spring Season On Maui With Strong Winds

Windsurfing Spring Season On Maui Begins with Strong Winds

WIndsurfing on Maui

WIndsurfing on Maui


Windsurfing and Kiting are two of Maui’s Northshore wind sports that are driven by the trade winds in Hawaii.  After a rather light winter of winds, it seems that we are looking at some excellent conditions. I keep hearing that we are looking at a La Nina weather pattern this spring and summer.  That means it should bring strong winds for windsurfing and kite surfing on Maui.

maui vacation rentals

Maui vacation rentals

Sunday was a great day for windsurfing at Kanaha Maui.  The windsurfing report didn’t show any sign of winds. I live in Haiku, just past Hookipa Beach Park.  I was working on my vacation rental with my wife and I noticed that the winds were getting to be pretty steady.  So without hesitation, I loaded up my windsurfing gear and headed to Kanaha.  To my surprise, the wind filled in and it was sunny, with steady winds. 

On any given Sunday there is a pretty good crowd if the conditions show the slightest bit of wind.  There were just a few of the locals full of smiles, having ignored the wind reports online.  Margie, a long time windsurfer at Kanaha, usually does a morning post on Facebook posted positive report on the conditions, but still people missed it!  We were all pretty happy!  I rigged a 5-0 and headed out to enjoy the day.  Needless to say, everyone was really stoked with the conditions, steady winds, 20 to 25 mph.  I heard hoots from Margie and she was flying by me.  Today we had a little different conditions. Winds were blowing 25 to 35 mph. As I walked up to check the conditions, people windsurfing were getting out of the water because of the strong winds.

Kiteboarding on Maui

Kite Boarding on Maui

There are some fearless windsurfing veterans that have been sailing Maui for over 30 years.  I was watching as some of the veteran ladies, like Margie & Franny headed out to tackle the strong conditions.  I thought if these ladies are going out, I might as well join them.  Okay, from the moment I set foot in the water it was go.  Powered up and flying across the water, it was exhilarating.  Okay, I got slammed a couple times and thought, “Well, that was fun, but I better call it a day!”  I have only been sailing for 5 years, though I’ve been surfing for 45 years.  It’s been a great diversion.ion

Windsurfing Maui

Windsurfing Maui

There’s a saying: “Lucky we live Maui”.  Tomorrow I will be spending the day in the office (I sell real estate), then back to Kanaha for maybe another windsurf session.  Many visitors come to Maui to windsurf and kiteboard at Maui’s famous destinations like Hookup Beach Park and Sprecklesville, Maui. If you’re looking for vacation rental accommodations on Maui’s Northshore, you might consider Pineapple Cottage, our sweet little 2 bedroom vacation rental.  We are located just ten minutes past Hookipa Beach Park, the first turn off to Haiku (Haiku Road) as you come out of Maliko Gulch.  It’s a  cottage on a 2 acres, very private and well appointed.  Keep us in mind for your next Maui windsurf vacation, happy sailing!


Haiku vacation rental

Haiku Vacation Rental

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