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Kiteboarding on Maui

Kite Boarding on Maui

Spring time on Maui’s Northshore, brings the trade winds, and windsurfing on Maui Northshore. Winds have been pretty strong the last couple days. I was heading down to Kanaha from Haiku, to get an afternoon windsurfing session. But as I was driving by Hookup Beach Park the waves were big and the wind was crazy strong with just two guys out so I decided to work in my garden and wait for a cleaner day.

WIndsurfing on Maui

WIndsurfing on Maui

The wind report is looking like we might have a good week of windsurfing. Kiters are also all fired up to finally get some good kiteboarding sessions. Spring time brings windsurfer and kiters to Maui. Maui is the most consistent place on the planet, usually the trade winds pick up around 10 or 11 o’clock.
What’s amazing about Maui is how people come to Maui from all over the world. We still have plenty of good surf, trade winds filling in are a big bonus. Many windsurfers live part time on Maui, finishing up the winter season of skiing, trading in their mountain equipment for warm water and surf.

maui vacation rentals

Maui vacation rentals

If you’re looking at visiting Maui for some windsurf time, you might be looking for a place to stay for a while, and kick back and enjoy Northshore life.

Our new Maui vacation rental on Maui’s Northshore has been a hit with Maui visitors. Pineapple Cottage is located on our property in Haiku Maui. A two-bedroom vacation rental in Haiku Maui. We put a lot of love into our cottage and it has been well received. You can reach us on vrbo, or call us direct 808-280-2208. We are a licensed vacation rental with the county of Maui. Also keep in Mind if you’re looking for Maui real estate, I been selling real estate on Maui for 21 years. Hopefully we will see you in the water.








Baldwin Beach Maui

Baldwin Beach Maui









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