Pineapple Cottage Winter Update

Haiku Maui vacation rental

Haiku Maui vacation rental

Winter season lately has produce perfect weather on Maui.  So far our cottage the Pineapple Cottage vacation rental in Haiku Maui is off to a great start.  We have had a number of guest come through our cottage from Switzerland, Canada and the West Coast.  The response has been overwheling positive.  Some guest have mention how they love our 2.5 acres island getaway for it’s lush tropical feeling, and privacy, myself I feel that way everyday when I drive into our drive way and I am home.

Maui Vacation Rentals

Maui Vacation Rentals

Couple of our guest were raving about my wife’s banana bread.  I would have to say everyone agrees that the Pineapple Cottage is a luxurious island getaway.  My wife is a detailed person, making sure every little detail is perfect for our guest. This time of year our trees are going off, and there is nothing better than fresh squeezed orange juice.  You can pick your own oranges.  I been working on my garden, there is nothing better than fresh greens from the garden, so if your lucky there just might be a crop ready to pick.

Maui northshore

Organic Garden

So that’s life on our little oasis in Haiku.  Our next endeavor is adding bananas and  papayas around the cottage to make it more of a eco-experience.  Some reaction we been getting from our guest is how nice it is to be away from condos and actually living in the tropical side of the island.  Most of our guest are off and running exploring the island from Hana to Makena.  Haiku is a nice quiet location on Maui’s northshore.  We have great restaurants  in Haiku, and people are loving spending time in Paia Town.

Windsurfing on Maui

Windsurfing on Maui

Winter season has produce some giant surf at our local breaks like Hookipa Beach Park and Jaws.  In fact in a couple days we are due for another major swell.  This week has also produces some excellent conditions for windsurfing on Maui.  I even got a couple days in windsurfing at Kanaha Beach this week, and tomorrow I am heading down for a early surf session.


So life is wonderful on Maui.  We been blessed to call Maui homes for so many years.  My wife and I are hoping that we can share a little bit our paradise living on Maui’s northshore with our guest.  So if your looking for unique vacation rental on Maui, you might want to consider Pineapple Cottage Haiku vacation rental on Maui’s northshore.






maui vacation rentals

Maui vacation rentals

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